Our Renowned Chef

When I cook , it feels like letting out all stress - everything passes and it's Just myself and the Ingredients , I choose them with love with carefulness, with Passion and then I create all of the fireworks of flavors .

I am an Old soul - Born in the Beautiful land ITALY grown up around the culinary art world, the world of Hospitality. I've lived in America since 6 years and this is why God brought me over here - to show you what Italian food is really about

My love language

I combine the things I miss the most out of it , the Mediterranean and the Adriatic and create Magic - just for you.

My Recipes stay authentic they stay real and they won't merge - ever - this I promise



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Private Chef Service

Private cooking Classes in your own 4 walls.


Holiday party

And you want to taste the Real Italian HOMEMADE TOMATO SAUCE and Original Italian Recipes and want a Real Italian Meal that make your taste buds explode - don't scroll Email / Call / Text Litterio's Catering.


We Deliver Authenticity- We are the only 100% Italian gourmet Cuisine- with that Real Italian accent


Buon Appetito


Fabiana Litterio